` The home stretch is in sight | Wollert Rise

The home stretch is in sight.

Happy New Year and what a start to 2023 it has been. Work crews have been on site right across Wollert Rise with construction underway in five stages.

The home stretch  is in sight

Stage One. Once the road boxing, kerbs and channels were completed, we moved onto the footpaths, asphalt and line-marking. These works will construct the middle pavement layers, prepare the nature strips for topsoil and see road surfaces take shape. A glimpse of the way you’ll arrive home every day.

Stages Two and Five. With the sewer and drainage done it’s now onto electricals and telecommunications. As part of these works, trenches are being dug, then cabling and wiring will be laid for power, phones and internet. Those services that are essential to a modern, safe and connected life are being put in place for our future residents.

Stages Three and Six. Road boxing, kerb and channel works are moving along. These are mammoth tasks and the foundation for our stunning streetscapes, including practical details, such as effective guttering. This construction comes after the sewerage and drainage which were both completed towards the end of last year.

You can see our drone footage and Birds iView, highlighting all the latest developments, as well as stay up-to-date with all of the construction progress.

With all these works under way, it’s not long now until you’re living on nature’s doorstep.