COVID-19 policy.


Our Welcome Centre is open daily from 11am-5pm and we’re taking extra care.


For your safety.


Our new Welcome Centre is now opened and, right from day one, Wollert Rise made the wellbeing of customers, staff and other members of the general public our number one priority.


Screening notices on our door. These, along with an online declaration, check that those who enter meet the health safeguards.


Anti-bacterial cleaning undertaken multiple times a day. This covers all door handles, hand rails, touch screens, EFTPOS, coffee machine, taps and surfaces.


Our team is equipped with hygiene packs. These include personal sanitizer, gloves, disinfectant sprays, cleaning essentials, extra pens for a ‘you touch it, you take it’ policy.


Self-isolation for staff who may have been exposed. While the government has measures in place for all those returning from overseas, here at Wollert Rise anyone who has been interstate, or is feeling unwell must wait 14 days before coming back to work.


Social distancing enforced. This means no hand shaking or other physical greetings and maintaining a 1.5 metre gap during any in-person interactions. Also, face masks must be worn by all patrons at all times.


All events postponed. No in-person events will take place until government-restrictions allow.


Arrange phone or video calls for non-contact appointments. You have the option to not meet our team remotely if preferred.


To best serve you.

Appointment booking system.  Bookings can be made to visit the Welcome Centre, speak over the phone or to arrange a video call. You can access the system at anytime, even after hours. Just book a time here and, if visiting in-person please ensure you sign in using our QR code upon arrival.


E-Contracts. These would be offered as an alternative to signing in person, conducted online so no handling of paper is required.


Community updates. The latest flyers, price lists and brochures can all be downloaded on our website.


Should there be further developments.

Then we will advise you of any changes or additions to our response.


By taking every precaution, life can soon return to normal on nature’s doorstep. In the meantime, we thank you for your patience, understanding and cooperation.