The Wollert Rise free Landscaping Upgrade is included on selected premium lots. Speak to the Wollert Rise team about finding the perfect plot for the home (and front garden) of your dreams.

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Choose from four designs.

Our home is a reflection of ourselves and the life we lead. That’s why we are
giving you the option of four landscaped front garden options. Choose from
the Illumined, Native, Sculptured or Seasonal garden.

Artist’s impression

This light bright garden features sandstone with pops of colour from flowering plants.


Artist’s impression

This is a low maintenance garden where hardy indigenous plants take pride of place.


Artist’s impression

With a sphere centrepiece, this garden boasts white and silver tones with dark foliage.


Artist’s impression

This garden changes to reflect the time of year, complete with bluestone pavers.


By award-winning
landscape designers.


Your new front garden will be designed by none other than Chelsea Flower Show award-winners, Fleming’s Landscapes. Collaborating with Dahua Group and with one of Melbourne’s most acclaimed Landscape Architects, Barry Murphy, Fleming’s envisaged the park that will be central to the Wollert Rise lifestyle. Now that care and attention is extending to the homes here as well.

By award-winning landscape designers

Working hand in
glove with us.


A family business for many generations, Fleming’s Landscapes will grow the plants, design the garden, then build it to deliver a very special environment for Wollert Rise residents. Their own Flow Design Studio is where qualified landscape architects work hand in glove with our construction and project management teams. For you that means a landscape design that complements not only the environment and the community, but also the home façades here at Wollert Rise.

The vision of
Fleming’s Landscapes.


Fleming’s vision for Wollert Rise is to help create a community rich in canopy cover, with a stylish finish to each street that, including these new front garden packages, deliver an environment that will naturally complement your home design to create something very special. Fleming’s Landscapes is known for their natural environments where the use of plastic and short- lived materials are kept to an absolute minimum. Instead in their gardens they favour earthy materials and design, rich in plant life, allowing the natural world to shine.

Up to $7,000 value but personally worth more

Up to $7,000 value
but personally worth


Each front garden is worth up to $7,000 but can you really put a price on the happiness you will derive, or the sense of pride it will give you? Even better, you don’t have to lift a finger. Instead your home will be complete, including from the front door to the street, so you can start enjoying it. After all, as Fleming’s Landscapes love what they do, you will love it too and that love will continue to grow all the years that you live here.

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