` Our 300th purchaser buys sight unseen | Wollert Rise

Our 300th purchaser buys sight unseen.

It was in the midst of a camping trip that Michael Knight called Wollert Rise and bought a block of land. He and his partner Emma had not seen the lot but they were worried that if they waited, they’d miss out. This was the day they not only secured their future home, they also became our 300th buyers.

Our 300th purchaser buys sight unseen

Michael, an electrician and Emma, a nurse, currently live on a 275sqm block at Donnybrook. As Michael told us, “We’re getting married in October and want a bigger single storey home for future proofing, you know for kids later and our dog,” So when they heard there was a 540sqm block at Wollert Rise they picked up the mobile and rang straight away. They even used money they borrowed for their wedding to pay the deposit.

While neither of them saw the lot before, both had been to Wollert Rise. “We went to Wollert Rise about four months ago to see how much closer in it is,” Michael told us and they both were very happy with what they saw. “It looks very good. Natural and not as crowded as other communities. It’s lovely to have that break between the homes, not to have the houses on top of each other, and it will be great for our dog.”

The couple have a one-year old kelpie/cattle dog cross called Ally. They are excited that she will get to have a bigger back yard, as well as the parks and walking trails planned for Wollert Rise. The area was also a big factor. “I work everywhere as an electrician. I know Epping, its neighbouring suburbs. The location of Wollert Rise seems very well thought out,” Michael added.

This will be the second home for this 25-year old couple. “As a nurse Emma puts in long hours and I work six days a week, we both want to get ahead,” Michael explained.
With land titles due in 2024, Michael and Emma are planning to start building in December 2024/January 2025. Once done, they will rent their home in Donnybrook and make the move to Wollert Rise.

We congratulate the couple on their impending nuptials and wish them every happiness living here on nature’s doorstep.