` Earlier stages nearing completion | Wollert Rise

Earlier stages nearing completion.

Even with a spate of public holidays, we have not downed tools for long, with life on nature’s doorstep getting closer every day. Read on to see how your lot is progressing.

Earlier stages nearing completion

Stage One. For those who bought into our first stage, the streets are now taking shape. That includes the footpaths future residents will walk on, the roads they will drive down, and even the lines to keep everyone on the left side.

Stages Two and Five. Now that the cabling and wiring are completed, it’s onto the footpaths, asphalt, and line marking. Like Stage One, these works are always exciting to watch as we begin to see a glimpse of how you’ll arrive home every day.

Stages Three and Six. The road boxing, kerbs and channels have been completed. Our attention has now turned to the electrical and communications supply with these works already in progress.

We are seeing a huge transformation across Wollert Rise, and you can too by watching our most recent drone footage or looking at our most recent Birds’ iView.

Don’t forget to visit The Circle at any time to stay up-to-date as construction progresses.