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Wollert Rise gets behind South Morang Cricket Club.

When the Lions walk onto the field this season, Wollert Rise will be right behind them, literally, with our logo featured on the back of their cricket shirts as the club’s very proud sponsor.

Wollert Rise gets behind South Morang Cricket Club

Formerly on Plenty Road and more recently at the Mill Park Lakes Recreation Reserve, South Morang has maintained an 85-year tradition of bringing the community together. At Wollert Rise we share those same local values, so we are thrilled to show our support through our sponsorship of the cricket club.

With over 150 players across five Senior, one Veterans’ and seven Junior teams, competing in the Diamond Valley Cricket Association, South Morang and its surrounds really do celebrate this sport. Not only through the families that turn up to play or cheer from the sidelines, but also through the commitment being made to the club.

The upgraded home ground now boasts two ovals including one with a water-saving and maintenance-free artificial turf. There is also undercover viewing for spectators, a brand new change room, along with a large entertainment area, canteen and bar for after match gatherings.

Add to that almost 100 Cricket Blast kids coming through the entry level programme and that grass roots love of cricket is sure to endure.

Why not come along to the next match and get behind our home grown talent? It’s a great way to feel part of this wonderful community.