` 200th Purchaser 2021 | Wollert Rise

The year Wollert Rise came to life.

Since our launch in 2020, Wollert Rise has achieved countless development milestones. 2021 has been no different. With key works well underway and our community thriving, there’s a lot to celebrate. So, let’s look back on the year that was and set our sights for the future at Wollert Rise.

The year Wollert Rise came to life

We’re getting the works

Roads, water and power. Every community needs them. The Wollert North Infrastructure Consortium, a $35m infrastructure project, does just that – bringing these essential works to our community. Even better, in July we saw the first handful of soil turned at Wollert Rise, officially commencing construction and bringing future residents one step closer to building their dream home.

Supporting the locals

Community means everything and 2021 saw us back the local South Morang Football, Netball and Cricket Club. When the 2022 season begins, all of Wollert Rise will be cheering. Go team!

The Perfect Circle

We brought our future residents that little bit closer to life on nature’s doorstep with The Circle – a first of its kind digital hub for all community members. Soon to be homeowners can keep up to date with the progress of their block of land, explore the local area, meet their new neighbours and have all their questions answered in real time. Read more about it here.

We’ve sold a lot

Wollert Rise grew in many ways in 2021 and community was a big one. With over 250 lots sold, we welcome the hundreds of families, friends and soon to be neighbours who will be living community life on nature’s doorstep.

The future is bright for Wollert Rise and we can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store. If you’re looking to join our blossoming community and live life that little bit closer to nature, contact our Estate Manager Rishav Bhardwaj.

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