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Wollert Rise buys you more time.

Now you can buy at stage one prices, put just 5% down and even have the peace of mind of our Deposit Back Promise. But the good news doesn’t end there. When you buy at Wollert Rise you also have time on your side.

Wollert Rise buys you more time

With construction due to commence in mid 2021, Wollert Rise gives you the luxury of 24-month lead times to title. This means you have even more time to save before you have to pay the full cost to settle the land. You can dream a little longer about the kind of home you want with plenty of time to modify existing plans if you require. You can check out more display homes for inspiration and find the right builder for what you have in mind.


Once you have secured the lot you want at Wollert Rise you can relax, take a deep breath and plan those next important steps without feeling any pressure to decide on the fly.


So buy the land you want at Wollert Rise, at never to be repeated again prices, knowing that you are also buying yourself time to make your dream home come true.


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